Environmental Safety

Environmental safety is a key consideration for any crop protection product. When you need clear, confident answers for your environmental risk assessments and regulatory compliance, rely on our dedicated team of agrochemical specialists with more than 25 years of experience.

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Newly validated, leading-edge endocrine disruptor assays

In silico, QSAR modelling and target in vivo testing available to run effective environmental risk assessments

More than 150,000 honeybees in U.K. apiary to augment terrestrial capabilities in ecotoxicology

Consumers and governments demand crop protection products that are sustainable and which have minimal environmental impact. That means products that can be demonstrated to have little potential to affect animal or human health or disrupt precious ecosystems. As a result, regulatory requirements are becoming ever more demanding. You need a comprehensive set of data evidencing environmental safety against multiple endpoints. For that, you need a dedicated team with expertise in environmental safety assessment relevant to all global regulatory environments.

At Labcorp we share your goal of sustainable innovation in crop protection. As your partner you can be confident that we can help you demonstrate the relevant environmental safety of your crop protection product to ensure its access to the marketplace. 

By partnering with Labcorp, you will get a solution tailored to your needs. Our expert team can design, direct and manage an entire environmental safety study program to support your crop protection product through regulatory approval and beyond. With a proven track record in environmental safety, you can relax knowing Labcorp can reliably deliver what you need.

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Moving your agrochemicals through regulatory compliance takes time. Consolidate efforts in your crop protection environmental safety studies by enrolling in our quick study starts now, while slots are still available.

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