Environmental Fate & Metabolism

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Proven track record of delivering environmental fate and metabolism studies aligned to the varying regulatory demands in different jurisdictions

Flexible facilities and cross-functional expert teams deliver high-quality studies and robust data to support regulatory arguments

Tailored approaches allow us to meet your needs, large or small, and ensure all studies are run to high scientific, GLP and animal welfare standards

The environmental impact of crop protection products are under greater scrutiny than ever before. In response to consumer demand and governmental pressure, regulators are demanding more complex and wide-ranging endpoints. This means you need robust evidence on the environmental fate and metabolism of your crop protection product to address concerns over its potential risk to humans and the environment. 

Negotiating the complexity of crop protection product environmental fate and metabolism studies 

With so many complex endpoints needed for environmental fate and metabolism studies you need to find a way through the requirements in a timely and cost-effective way, which addresses the specific needs of the regulatory authority in your target market.

The perfect partner to deliver environmental fate and metabolism study success for your crop protection product

Covance has unrivalled insight and expertise in designing and executing environmental fate and metabolism studies gained over years working in changing regulatory environments

Environmental fate describes the destiny of a chemical or plant protection product (PPP) after it is used and released into the environment. Given the complexity of ecosystems, the possible environment fate of a chemical can be difficult to envisage. Regulatory guidelines outline standard laboratory screening tests and triggers for higher-tier tests, should signals of concern be detected.

  • By combining expertise in analytical chemistry, environmental modeling and metabolite identification with regulatory insight and experience you can be sure of a study program that delivers what you need
  • Extensive, flexible facilities and dedicated teams ensure you get high-quality, efficiently run environmental fate studies 
  • Benefit from a suite of environmental fate assessments run to recognized global standards

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