Comparative In Vitro Metabolism

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Labcorp has a proven track record of delivering environmental fate and metabolism studies aligned to the varying regulatory demands in different jurisdictions.

Flexible facilities and cross-functional expert teams deliver high-quality studies and robust data to support regulatory arguments.

Tailored approaches allow us to meet your needs, large or small, and ensure all studies are run to high scientific, GLP and animal welfare standards

Comparative in vitro metabolism studies are a key step in helping to establish the potential mammalian toxicity of a crop protection product. The exact metabolism of a crop protection product will vary between species meaning that different species may be exposed to unique metabolites at varying concentrations. To evaluate human safety, it is essential to test the toxicity of all potential human metabolites and that requires the selection of an animal model, or models, that reflect the full metabolism of the crop protection product that occurs in humans. 

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Comparative in vitro metabolism studies designed for your crop protection product

With no set test guidelines for comparative in vitro metabolism studies, you need a partner with insight and practical experience in designing and conducting these studies targeted to the specific physicochemistry of your crop protection product. Covance can develop a tiered testing approach that screens metabolite profiles across test species to identify those most appropriate for use in toxicology studies. As well as being a requirement in some regulatory environments, this can also help you invest strategically in your toxicology studies.

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