Dermal Absorption

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Labcorp tailors their expert team to address your specific animal metabolism needs. This means combining expertise and insight from analytical chemistry, environmental modelling, metabolite identification, animal health and regulatory to design a study or suite of study programs delivering robust data and justifiable scientific arguments.

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There are multiple routes of exposure to crop protection products – via ingestion, inhalation or via the skin through dermal absorption. Dermal absorption is a possible exposure route for agricultural workers or bystanders and therefore this route of exposure needs to be investigated. There are two types of dermal absorption studies – in vitro studies carried out on excised human or animal skin and in vivo studies. The exact requirements vary by crop protection product regulator, so a tailored approach is often necessary. The data from these studies help inform operator exposure risk assessments and are often crucial for your crop protection product safety information.

Late stage, critical studies needing efficient planning and performance

Dermal absorption studies are often conducted at a late stage in development of your crop protection product and therefore have tight deadlines. You need a partner who can deliver quality data in a timely fashion.

High quality dermal absorption studies for crop protection products

Labcorp have extensive experience in dermal absorption testing, having performed studies using many different formulation types. Our team can adapt experimental designs for crop protection products that are volatile to ensure mass balance is achieved.

Results can be obtained from human in vitro studies which are carried out on human skin obtained from approved sources with full ethical approval and informed patient consent. In vitro and in vivo studies in the rat can also be conducted to predict dermal absorption in humans (triple pack approach).

We have the capability to perform tests using radiolabelled test material (using flow through cells). or we can conduct studies using non-radiolabelled test material, typically using static (Franz) cells.

Labcorp can perform the following studies  in accordance with local regulatory requirements:

  • OECD 427: Skin Absorption: In Vivo Method
  • OECD 428: Skin Absorption: In Vitro Method
  • OPPTS 870.7600: Dermal Penetration

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