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Field studies are essential in establishing the safety of crop protection products in the environment.

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Over 20 years’ experience running GLP field studies across the entire globe

A multidisciplinary team of experts, including dedicated field operators, with vast levels of knowledge and practical expertise

Flexible and innovative – able to develop and run tailored studies designed to meet your needs

Field trials mimic the real-life agricultural situation in which crop protection products are used. That means following GLP and GAP and ensuring realistic application and usage of the crop protection product. It also means being on the ground to document what is happening – both the expected and the unexpected. 

Field studies can be complex to set-up, unpredictable and often need interpretation across zones

There are many challenges related to running field trials. You need to establish the most appropriate regions and crops for your study in line with regulatory requirements. You need to ensure studies are conducted in line with GLP and GAP and understand how results, especially for MRL, may be interpreted internationally. Timely sampling combined with robust and reliable analytics essential. 

Your partner in the office and in the field

Whether you need a complete pan-region single trial to a package of trial programs, we can help. The field trials team collaborates closely with residue analysis, aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicity, environmental fate and regulatory consultants to ensure successful delivery of study outcomes. As our partner, you get proactive communications from field principal investigators, benefit from in-life data review, robust and on-time report writing, archiving and SOPs.

With in-field operators, we are on the ground to monitor study success and keep things on track. This includes calibration of farm equipment and ensuring GLP training or registration for all farmers (if not GLP registered) and co-operators who are fully GLP registered within their countries. 

Whether you need standard studies or tailored studies designed to meet your specific requirements, our expert team can help

Track record of running all manner of field studies

 Labcorp has experience and capability in running many types of field studies for a range of crops including:

  • Raw agricultural commodities (RAC) and processing
  • Soil dissipation and accumulation
  • Crop rotation
  • Dislodgeable foliar residue
  • Operator exposure studies (OPEX)
  • Worker re-entry studies
  • By-stander studies
  • Fumigation of soil, facilities and containers
  • Post-harvest studies on any crop and workers
  • Others  like import tolerance, sprayability or volatilization studies

Raw agricultural commodities (RAC) and processing

On-the-ground insight optimizes the selection of suitable field co-operators across the world. Outdoor, indoor and glasshouse facilities mean a range of crops can be studied for a long time period through the year . In Europe, our teams control freezer truck transportation to ensure the viability of specimens and expedite delivery to analytical sites.

 A range of processing facilities allow us to flex capacity based on specification needs and urgency. Our processing experience covers all crops (tomato, orange, etc), any type of processed commodity regardless of its complexity (from juice or jam, to wine or oil) and any industrial or home processing procedures.

Soil dissipation and accumulation

Extensive experience in soil dissipation and accumulation studies on many different soil types (including paddies) in Northern and Southern Europe. All study designs comply with OECD and EPA guidelines and EFSA and NAFTA guidance documents. One metre depth sampling is standard although this can be divided into smaller sections. Care continues after application with sand covering, irrigation or incorporation as appropriate. Onsite weather stations are standard and if necessary, overhead irrigation is provided to replicate historical rainfall.

Dislodgeable foliar residue

Extensive preliminary work with analytical teams ensures the optimization of dislodging procedures and the stability of dislodge solutions. We have the facilities and capability to undertake dislodging studies at field sites across Europe with many different crop types using 2.5 or 5 cm2 disc Birkestrand type or equivalent sampler. By employing the latest imaging processing software reliably measurement of leaf area can be guaranteed.

Operator (OPEX), worker (re-entry) and by-stander studies

As well as field studies focused on residue analysis, Labcorp has a track record of successful OPEX studies including passive dosimetry, biomonitoring studies and air sampling Experience of many different application techniques (tractor-mounted equipment or knapsack), formulation types (liquid, dust or fumigants), crops (outdoor and indoor), re-entry patterns within sprayed crops or processing facilities combined with in-field analytical services to provide a complete wrap-round support for you and your substance. 

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