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The regulations governing the placing of crop protection active substances and their products on the market is becoming increasingly complex, as science advances and governments around the world seek to assure themselves that such substances will not harm consumers or the environment. It is not enough to have data – you need high-quality data that will support the regulatory data requirements in different global jurisdictions. That requires exceptional regulatory expertise and insight combined with scientific excellence and often some creativity. It also needs practical experience across conventional crop protection chemicals and biopesticides. Whatever your requirement, we have a global reach and highly expert team of regulatory scientists who can support you.

You may have a crop protection chemical or biopesticides destined for a worldwide market that needs global regulatory insight and a strategic plan to leverage testing approaches and data in the most cost-effective and scientifically robust manner. You may have a data dossier designed for one market that needs amending to match regulatory obligations in other markets. You may have data but are struggling to know how to interpret it and use for risk assessment. You may need support in classification, labeling and packaging (CLP) requirements in different geographies. You may simply want help compiling data dossiers for registration or need a partner to act as your local contact or registrant for you.

We understand all your multifactorial needs and work in partnership with you to tailor a solution matched to you, your product, your target markets and your timelines. 

Labcorp offers end-to-end regulatory consulting services tailored to your unique needs and designed to efficiently deliver regulatory success. Whether you require full-service support from program design, through testing to submission and beyond or simply need help with waivers, we can craft a solution appropriate to you. With staff on the ground across the Americas, Europe and Asia, we can offer local insight and can operate in every region. We are recognized for delivering on our client’s regulatory objectives in a timely and cost-effective way. So you can trust us to achieve your goals.

Support that goes beyond registration and submission

Our dedicated regulatory scientists provide ongoing monitoring and support for each crop protection product submission. All the administrative and technical aspects of registration and submission are tightly managed. This ensures timely responses to regulatory milestones and regulator questions. Once an evaluation begins, our regulatory scientists provide expert data-driven advocacy for your product.

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