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Highly experienced team of regulatory scientists dedicated to all types of risk assessment for all regulators

Tailored approach – from one-off single risk assessments to strategic guidance on a full suite of crop protection product risk assessments

Proven history in risk assessment across a range of crop protection products including insecticides, herbicides and fungicides

Risk assessment is an integral part of all crop protection product registration. It is designed to estimate a product’s potential harm to humans, animals and the wider environment. Risk assessments combine data about a substance’s toxicity with information about risk of exposure and environmental fate. Human risk assessment considers agriculture workers as well as the public who may be exposed through proximity to crop protection products, e.g. via drift from fields, or via consumption. For animals, risks to non-target organisms such as bees and birds need to be assessed. For environmental risk assessment, information on the fate and behavior of a substance in the environment, as well as its toxicity to plants and animals in terrestrial and aquatic environments, is needed.

Multiple situations driving risk assessment

There are multiple situations where you need to run risk assessments for a crop protection product, all requiring a slightly different approach. You may require a full set of risk assessments for a new substance. You may need to reassess a substance undergoing reapproval. You may have a substance with a new use and must update existing risk assessments accordingly. You may have a substance in early development and want to check the impact of potential safety signals and the probability of future registration success.

Scientific and regulatory acumen and insight ensures effective interpretation and use of testing data

We have an expert team of regulatory scientists with insight and practical experience in risk assessment gained from years working in the industry. Although risk assessment is generally a prescribed process, we pride ourselves on being able to think holistically about a substance and rise to risk assessment challenges. This means thinking not just about your active substance but degradation products too. It means advising on study design or redesign to optimize safety assessment success. It means helping predict potential risk assessment issues early in substance development to inform your strategic decision-making about bringing a substance to market.

 By collaborating with our colleagues in safety assessment, we can optimize the use of scientific tools such as in silico QSAR modelling or target in vivo testing to build effective risk assessments.

Providing a risk assessment solution tailored to you

Our flexible approach means we tailor our risk assessment to match your needs – large or small. From running a specific risk assessment for a single regulatory endpoint to providing strategic advice on testing and how to leverage existing data, Labcorp can help.

Labcorp has worked across all regulatory environments worldwide and across the full range of products including insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Comprehensive risk assessment capabilities, across all crop protection products

Labcorp can partner with you to create a full suite of risk assessments covering risks to humans, animals and the wider environment.

Risk assessment for humans:

  •  Operator exposure
  •  Bystander exposure
  • Consumer

Risk assessment for animals

  • Aquatic organisms
  • Bees
  • Birds and mammals

Environmental risk assessment:

  • Long-term distribution

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