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General Toxicology

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Extensive expertise in designing and conducting a full range of general toxicology studies to global regulatory, GLP and high animal welfare standards

Flexible facilities and capacity to meet your needs in terms of test species, routes of administration, sampling and analytics

Innovating study design and technologies to enhance study reliability, improve outcomes and increase efficiency

Expanded Commitment to a Sustainable Future

U.S. Testing and Regulatory Solutions Now in Greenfield, IN

Expanded U.S. capacity and high-quality study execution conducted by expert study directors at our expanded Greenfield, Indiana site.

General toxicology studies establish the potential of your crop protection product to cause adverse health effects after either single or repeated exposure. The specific adverse effects and their level of severity can vary depending on multiple factors like the mechanism causing toxicity, chemical bioavailability, and the routes and amount of product a person or animal is exposed to. General toxicology studies need to address all these factors and may involve both acute single-dose studies or repeat-dose chronic and subchronic studies looking at a range of toxicity endpoints.

General toxicity testing

General toxicity endpoints are required by all regulators of agrochemical but different regulators may have different standards and preferred methodologies. You must ensure you perform the right studies, in the right way and in an efficient and strategic manner to maximize outputs. What basic studies are required? What routes of administration are needed? What test species is most appropriate? 

An expert team who can deliver general toxicology study success for your agrochemical on time and budget

The dedicated general toxicology team have extensive expertise in designing, planning and performing general toxicology studies for agrochemicals. The team includes toxicologists, biologists, analytical chemists and animal technicians who work collaboratively to optimize study design and performance. From partnering with you strategically to designing a full testing program to performing single specialist studies, we can help you achieve your goals.

Our extensive facilities, flexible capacity and cutting-edge laboratories mean we can conduct all general toxicology studies for your agrochemical and deliver high-quality results in a timely manner.

Vast experience with multiple animal species and modes of administration 

Multiple test species are available for toxicology testing with high levels of animal welfare. Labcorp has expertise in optimizing administration to reduce dose variability. For rodents that means gavage or dietary administration and for dogs, capsule or gavage. Labcorp also has expertise in dermal and inhalation test substance delivery. 

A comprehensive range of general toxicology studies for your agrochemical

Labcorp has established processes in place to run a battery of general toxicology studies for agrochemicals. These include standard endpoints as well as unique endpoints relevant to your agrochemical.

Acute toxicity studies

  • OECD Test No. 402/OCSPP 870.1200: Acute Dermal Toxicity
  • OECD Test No. 404/OCSPP 870.2500: Acute Dermal Irritation/Corrosion
  • OECD Test No. 403/OCSPP 870.1300: Acute Inhalation Toxicity
  • OECD Test No. 433: Acute Inhalation - Fixed Concentration Procedure
  • OECD Test No. 405/OCSPP 870.2400: Acute Eye Irritation/Corrosion
  • OECD Test No. 420/OCSPP 870.1100: Acute Oral Toxicity - Fixed Dose Procedure
  • OECD Test No. 423/OCSPP 870.1100: Acute Oral Toxicity - Acute Toxic Class Method
  • OECD Test No. 425/OCSPP 870.1100: Acute Oral Toxicity: Up-and-Down Procedure
  • OECD Test No. 406/OCSPP 870.2600: Skin Sensitisation
  • OECD Test No. 442A: Skin Sensitization - Local Lymph Node Assay: DA
  • OECD Test No. 442B: Skin Sensitization - Local Lymph Node Assay: BrdU-ELISA
  • OECD Test No. 442C: In Chemico Skin Sensitisation - Direct Peptide Reactivity Assay (DPRA)

Repeated dose toxicity studies

Neurotoxicity and carcinogenicity studies

  • OECD Test No. 424/OCSPP 870.6200: Neurotoxicity Study in Rodents
  • OECD Test No. 426: Developmental Neurotoxicity Study
  • OECD Test No. 451/OCSPP 870.4200: Carcinogenicity Studies 
  • OECD Test No. 452/OCSPP 870.4100: Chronic Toxicity Studies
  • OECD Test No. 453/OCSPP 870.4300: Combined Chronic Toxicity/Carcinogenicity Studies

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